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Security Defenders

Your Protection.

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With experience and integrity, our customized security safeguards your life and property.

Prevention is Success
Our Technology
Our Experience
  • We protect your property, assets and people with our Detect, Deter, Observe and Report methodology.

    We achieve our Detect, Deter, Observe and Report objectives through a High Visibility Presence. It is our conviction that we can deter criminal activity only by being highly visible at all times.

    Our sentry and patrol professionals maintain a rigorous continued training and improvement program. This program exceeds the requirements mandated by California law.

    We can deter criminal activity by being highly visible at all times.

  • Combined with our Guard Scan Management System (Detex), we are able to provide our clients with the confidence that we will, in fact, protect their property, assets, and people.

    In addition to our Daily Activity Report (DAR) and detailed Incident Reports, we will provide a weekly report of all Detex Scans on your property. This will provide you with documented evidence that our officer is patrolling your property at the appropriate intervals in order to provide the protection you require, expect, and are paying for.

    For Your Protection: Detect, Deter, Observe and Report

  • Prevention Is Success. That is our primary objective.
    We have 24-hour supervision of all operations.
    We offer both Standing Officers (Armed and Unarmed) as well as Marked Vehicle Patrol Service.
    We are insured and bonded to the highest levels in the industry.
    We will create a customized security program to best protect your property, assets, and people.
    We offer competitive pricing throughout the industry.

    Primary Objective: Prevention